I’ve been “Rue-Skied”

On January 22, Semalt, a company which scans websites ‘for browsers’ for a fee, scanned my website for free.  They took my domain name and added their own stuff and created a new site address and scanned that address.

semalt site address screen shotThe scan was then provided to (or commissioned by) someone in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ghana.  Shortly after, I was ’email followed’ by half a dozen email subscribers whose addresses consisted of a string of 23 letters.  Those followers do not show up in my list of followers and I do not recall the email service used.

Semalt scree 2

With all that is being revealed about how the Russians are posting fake material on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere, I am concerned that my accounts are being utilized.  This blog post is being linked to both my Twitter and Facebook feeds automatically through WordPress.  I was hacked through the WordPress app on my Android phone in 2016; it can be done.

The goal is to confuse and contradict so that we will grow to distrust our news media and even our government structures and institutions…like the democratic voting process.  In 2016, I did get confused with all of the contradictions in the news and their efforts were successful; I did not vote.

Even if we must resort to ancient methods of communication, like watching network news shows, reading printed newspapers hand delivered to our door, attending local meetings and talking to each other, checking our sources, and being shrewd and skeptical, keeping our eyes and ears open and holding our opinions close to our chests, we need not be undone.  We have been invaded, but invaded countries have resisted and overcome their invaders in the past.   We have the better motive, Freedom, on our side.

‘Politically Correct?’ No, Minding your Grandma.

Have you heard Goerge W. Bush’s recent speech about this country, democracy, and leadership? Truly warms my heart. Bless him.

In contrast, our current president behaves like a caricature of our worst natures…the personification of our shadow selves…everything our kindergarten teachers told us not to do, be, or say…everything our grandmothers took switches to us for. But because he is president, other ‘children’ in society now think it is permissible to disobey every lesson their grandmothers taught them, every rule their teachers gave them…including the Golden Rule and The Commandments. These ‘children’ need to go back to kindergarten; they need to get a good scolding from their grandmothers.

When reminded of these basic rules of good behavior and common decency, these ‘children’ scream in protest; they are tired of being ‘politically correct.’ Well, dammit, this isn’t about politics. What would your grandmother say?

(I borrowed the image from the internet. Thank you.)